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Christmas innovations

A quick survey of the topic revealed news of the fashioning of a mobile nativity driven around by an Indiana man to overcome the ban on displaying religious paraphernalia in front of public buildings  to Santa coming by scuba scooter

The Christmas card seemingly maintains the reputation as the major season-related innovation. It took a man (Sir Henry Cole) exasperated with the handwriting to standardize the task and the lowering of the postage rates in the 1840s to spur such innovation. One wonders if the electronic cards showcasing new technology and styles every year would finally put an end to the long standing reign of the classic snail-mailed card. This Xmas I got mostly interactive animated cards, and I myself sent free custom-made animated ones. Technology also makes possible innovations in gift giving. For instance, instead of sending (and receiving) that dreaded unwanted Xmas present, givers can collaborate by chipping-in for receiver’s dream trip instead, sort of “crowd-funding”. If you do not want to go alone, (internet) Santa might just help you find a travel buddy…

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in the middle of "Circle City" by Zorina Galis.

Christmas in the middle of “Circle City” by Zorina Galis.

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